Bardi Harborow


I've been involved in software development at a hobby-level for the last 10 years, and professionally for the last 4. I started with Windows command line scripts and learning web technologies. From there I moved into Python and basic game design with Java's OpenGL bindings. I spent several years providing technical support to charities, and through my involvement with their websites moved into working with PHP and managing Wordpress environments. In recent years, most of my new application work is in Node.js running in containerised environments such as Kubernetes running on CoreOS, but I still regularly deal with legacy systems. During my work with web servers, I developed an interest in cryptography and gained extensive experience in deploying TLS, DNSSEC, DANE, DKIM and related domain security protocols. In the same vein, I frequently deal with IETF standards, and I work with people from GitHub and Google to diagnose and report browser bugs.


  • Project Lead

    A work-in-progress large-scale Wordpress Multisite hosting platform on Google App Engine.
    • Wrote an extensive support plugin to patch many areas of Wordpress core that lack support for GAE's standard environment.
  • Core Team Member

    Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
    • Rebuilt their complex Travis CI and Sauce Labs integration.
    • Contributed to freshening documentation and keeping examples up-to-date as v4 evolved.
    • Introduced new ES6 features into the codebase and improved code standards through increased linting.
    • Managed aspects of community relations during community unrest regarding v4's development schedule.
  • Computing Operations Manager

    QCC is the coordinating non-government environmental advocacy group in Queensland.
    • Joined their team following a complete staff and management removal and urgently deprecated and rebuild numerous expensive legacy systems.
    • Rebuilt their failing legacy custom database system in CiviCRM.
    • Migrated from a legacy proprietary mail server to Google Apps and conducted staff training.
    • Rebuilt their highly bug-ridden website with WordPress and a new custom theme (since replaced again with NationBuilder).
    • Manually batched supporter mailouts using Mandrill on the fly until CiviCRM was fully deployed.
    • Re-imaged and maintained a fleet of Mac Minis, and ran day-to-day tech support.
  • Lead Developer

    NetVend is a now-defunct project to create a neutral social network based on Bitcoin micro-payments.
    • Implemented the original prototype in PHP.
    • Built reference client implementations in various languages.
    • Helped run a number of community engagement sessions on Reddit trying to foster interest in the project.
    • Helped apply for a $100k grant.


  • Contributor

    I contribute to a number of other open source projects, including writing rulesets for HTTPS-Everywhere, writing code for Babel and filing dozens of bugs with other assorted projects. In lieu of what would be an outdated list here, see my GitHub profile.
  • Volunteer Editor

    I've been a volunteer editor for Wikipedia since 2010, making over 6000+ edits. I contribute both as a normal user, by working on quality control projects like new article review and counter-vandalism, and as a privileged user, by reviewing manual account creation requests which have otherwise been blocked for abuse prevention reasons. I participate in many of our first point of contact support venues, and I spend significant time explaining our complex policies and guidelines to new users, especially assisting them to participate in our dispute resolution process.
  • Volunteer Various Charites

    I have a significant history of charity volunteering experience, including technical support for The Wilderness Society and the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and on-the-ground supporter engagement at the Woodford Folk Festival.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science (incomplete)

    I am currently studying at La Trobe University to formalise my existing experience and expand my understanding of computational theory.
  • Exchange Returnee

    I lived in India for ten months on a homestay high-school student exchange program, while receiving comprehensive training in intercultural communications and global citizenship.


  • Write a paper on a better non-hierarchical routing alogrithm.
  • Work on increasing microkernel efficiency to that of traditional kernels.
  • Revisit the Harvard execution model, and look at how systemic types of vulnerabilities can be eradicated by reworking CPU architure.