Bardi Harborow

Software Engineer


Hey! I'm a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia. I've been coding as a hobby for around 8 years now. I've gotten a lot of diverse experience, in everything from CSS to low-level TCP packet wrangling. I have flair for cryptography and I have extensive experience in deploying TLS, DNSSEC, DANE, DKIM and related domain security protocols.


  • Core Team Member
    Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It's used on around 3.4% of the entire internet.
    • I triage a lot of poor quality bug reports and submit PRs.
    • I rebuilt their CI system to use vanilla npm scripts instead of Grunt.
    • I manage aspects of community relations.
  • Core Team Member
    August 2016present
    Upriver is a tool to sync your GitHub repositories with upstream using the GitHub API.
  • IT Manager
    January 2014December 2016
    • Rebuilt custom legacy database systems in CiviCRM.
    • Migrated from legacy proprietary mail server, to Google Apps and conducted staff training.
    • Rebuilt poorly constructed website with a WordPress and new custom theme.
  • Core Team Member
    August 2013November 2014
    NetVend was a project to create a transparent, neutral social network. We applied for a $100k grant, but lacked the momentum to get over the line. I've long since left the project, and I believe it has since folded, but it remains one of the first collaborative software projects I'd ever worked on.


  • Returnee
    From July 2015 to May 2016, I was in India on a homestay student exchange program.


I'm most at ease with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I've worked with Wordpress quite a lot. I first learnt to code in Python, so I have an soft spot for it, but my library knowlege is a little lacking. I can code in Java and PHP, but it's not my preference for new projects. A little anecdote: I remember 6 or 7 years ago, when I was concerned that I misunderstood variable scoping in JavaScript, so I wrote a whole game with `delete` calls at the end of every function so that the variables did not leak into global scope and clash in unexpected ways.


  • Invent a better non-hierarchical routing alogrithm.
  • Work on my first big game project.
  • Work on your team? Get in touch.


  • Wikipedia

    • I contribute to Wikipedia in my spare time.
    • I've made 4k+ edits.
    • I primarily work on vandalism control, new article review and various technical templating issues.