Bardi Harborow

Software Engineer


I'm a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia. I've been coding as a hobby for around 8 years now. I've gotten a lot of diverse experience, in everything from CSS to low-level TCP packet wrangling. I have flair for cryptography and I have extensive experience in deploying TLS, DNSSEC, DANE, DKIM and related domain security protocols. I'm especially fond of JavaScript and Node.js, despite them being poorly designed languages. I'm pretty decent at HTML and CSS, but I prefer to not have to design and write CSS at the same time, which tends to be the situation I'm put in most of the time. I've worked with Wordpress quite a lot, building custom plugins and such, and I might be starting a new Wordpress-based containerised hosting platform soon if I get the chance. I first learnt to code in Python, so I have a soft spot for it. I can code in Java and PHP, but it's not my preference for new projects. I have more knowledge about IETF documents than most developers, and it's this sort of back-end engineering that I really enjoy.


  • Core Team Member
    December 2016present
    Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
    • Rebuilt the complex Travis CI and Sauce Labs intergration.
    • Contributed to keeping the documentation and examples up-to-date as the v4 rewrite evolved.
    • Helped introduce ES6 features into the codebase and improved code standards through increased linting.
    • Managed aspects of community relations during the unrest around the v4 rewrite's scheduling.
  • Core Team Member
    August 2016present
    Upriver is a tool to sync your GitHub repositories with upstream using the GitHub API.
    • Built the inital prototype in responce to a feature request.
    • Currently working on plans to turn it into a more complex system that can handle rebasing.
  • IT Manager
    January 2014December 2016
    QCC is the peak/coordinating non-government environmental advocacy group in Queensland. I joined their team in 2014 following a complete staff and management removal and urgently moved to deprecate and rebuild numerous expensive legacy systems.
    • Rebuilt the failing legacy custom database systems in CiviCRM.
    • Migrated from a legacy proprietary mail server to Google Apps and conducted staff training.
    • Rebuilt their heavily buggy website with WordPress and a new custom theme (since replaced again with NationBuilder).
    • Manually batched supporter mailouts using Mandrill on the fly until CiviCRM was properly deployed.
    • Re-imaged and maintained a fleet of Mac Minis, and ran day-to-day tech support.
  • Core Team Member
    August 2013November 2014
    NetVend was a project to create a transparent, neutral social network.
    • Implemented the original prototype in PHP.
    • Built reference client implementations in various languages.
    • Helped run a number of community engagement sessions on Reddit trying to foster interest in the project.
    • Helped apply for a $100k grant.


  • GitHub

    • I contribute to a number of open source projects not listed here, including HTTPS-Everywhere, Babel and more. In lieu of what would be an endlessly outdated list here, checkout out my GitHub profile.
  • Wikipedia

    • Wikipedia is interesting as an online community because of it's attention to civility and fairness, sometimes to the point of absurdity. It gives editors a lot of experience dealing with angry online users, often marketers confused at why Wikipedia doesn't want their advertising, or people pushing fringe pseudosciences.
    • Even despite extensive aggressive behaviour, we are expected to continue to assume good-faith, and unlike many online communities, blocking users is an absolute last resort.
    • I primarily work on controlling vandalism, reviewing new articles and various technical templating issues. I've made 5000+ edits, and have a few extended permissions, but it's generally important to not let such things go to your head, and just as the software community focuses on the code rather than the status of those pushing it, the same can be said of the Wikipedia community.


  • Returnee
    July 2015May 2016
    I went to India in 2015 on a 10-month homestay student exchange program. I lived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (in the west of India) and attended high school, while also completing AFS's training in intercultural relations.


  • Write a paper on a better non-hierarchical routing alogrithm.
  • Work on increasing microkernel efficiency to that of traditional kernels.
  • Revisit the Harvard execution model, and look at how systemic types of vulnerabilities can be eradicated by reworking CPU architure.