Bardi Harborow

Software Developer


I've been involved in software development at a hobby-level for the last ten years, and professionally for the last four. I started with Windows command line scripts and learning web technologies. From there I moved into Python and basic game design with Java's OpenGL bindings. I spent several years providing technical support to charities, and through my involvement with their websites moved into working with PHP and managing Wordpress environments. In recent years, most of my new application work is in Node.js running in containerised environments such as Kubernetes running on CoreOS, but I still regularly deal with legacy systems. During my work with web servers, I developed an interest in cryptography and gained extensive experience in deploying TLS, DNSSEC, DANE, DKIM and related domain security protocols. In the same vein, I frequently deal with IETF standards, and I work with people from GitHub and Google to diagnose and report browser bugs.