Bardi Harborow

Software Engineer
0481 816 153


Passionate developer with 4 years professional experience, specialising in web platform and security. I have keen analytical skills and a strong ability to learn on-the-fly. If you're a forward thinking organisation that's supportive of diversity and great development practices, I'd love to hear from you!


  • Core Developer

    Bootstrap is a responsive web framework, used by 16.2 million websites worldwide.
    • Worked with a highly asynchronous remote team to deliver a product overhaul.
    • Served as the principal code owner for JavaScript and CI code review.
    • Delivered an ES6 overhaul, new build system and documentation upgrades.
    • Developed long-term assurance and security management plans.
    • Coordinated vulnerability disclosure, CVE assignment and assessment by NIST.
  • IT Manager

    QCC is the peak environmental advocacy organisation in Queensland, Australia.
    • Managed day-to-day technical operations to support campaign staff.
    • Coordinated the urgent deprecation of failing legacy infrastructure.
    • Decreased technical expenditure several-fold to contain budget blow-out.
  • Contractor

    • Wrote whitepaper and prototypes for a neutral social network based around Bitcoin micro-payments. Ran community sessions and wrote funding application.
    • Worked on a high-availability WordPress hosting platform with GCE support.
    • Implemented customer-facing dashboards for a startup.


  • Bachelor of Science/Computer Science

    Expected completion 2021
    Majoring in Astrophysics (1st year) and Advanced Computer Science (2nd/3rd year).


  • Web Platform

    • HTML (incl. HTML5 semantics)
    • CSS (incl. Flexbox)
    • JavaScript (incl. ES6, jQuery)
    • Accessibility (ARIA)
  • Backend

    • Node.js (incl. Grunt, Express)
    • Python
    • Java (incl. Gradle)
    • PHP (incl. Laravel)
    • C++ (incl. SSE)
  • Operations

    • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CoreOS)
    • Servers (Apache, Nginx, h2o)
    • Databases (MySQL, MariaDB)
    • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Security (TLS, DNSSEC, HSTS)
    • Latency (CDNs, HTTP/2, TTFB)
  • Tooling

    • Version Control (Git preferred)
    • Tracking (GitHub, Jira, Phab)
    • Editors (Vim, Atom, Eclipse)

Open Source

Over 700 contributions to open-source projects in the last three years, including:
  • code and unit tests for Babel
  • Babel plugins to work around issues with Webpack
  • ruleset analysis scripts for the EFF's HTTPS-Everywhere
  • Upriver, a tool to keep GitHub repositories synchronised with upsteam
  • H2O web server documentation overhaul